Our mission is to develop and promote Shearing and Woolhandling as a professional career choice increasing the skills, proficiency and opportunities available to individual shearers and woolhandlers working or competing within Queensland – in partnership with the Sheep and Wool Industry, Government and the Community.

Our Objectives

Back yourself, start competing.

Do you back yourself as a speed shearer or a gifted wool classer? Time to match your skills with the best of QLD and see how far go! Don’t let fear stop ya. Compete against the best and learn from the best, join the fun! Contact Sports Shear if you want to get involved.

Competition Shearing.

Sheep shearing and wool handling competitions are held regularly in parts of the world, particularly Ireland, the UK, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. As sheep shearing is an arduous task, speed shearers, for all types of equipment and sheep, are usually very fit and well trained. In Wales a sheep shearing contest is one of the events of the Royal Welsh Show, the country’s premier agricultural show held near Builth Wells.

The world’s largest sheep shearing and wool handling contest, the Golden Shears, is held in the Wairarapa district, New Zealand.[23]

The shearing World Championships are hosted by different countries every 2–3 years and eight different countries have hosted the event. The first World Championships were held at the Bath & West showground, England, in 1977, and the first Machine-Shearing winner was Roger Cox from New Zealand. Other countries that have hosted the sheep shearing World Championships have been New Zealand (3 times), England (3 times), Australia (2 times), Wales, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa & Norway. Out of 13 World Championships, New Zealand have won the team Machine contest 10 times, and famous New Zealand sheep-shearer David Fagan has been World Champion a record 5 times.

In October, 2008 the event was hosted in Norway. It was the first time ever that the event was hosted by a non-English speaking country. The newly crowned World Machine Shearing champion is Paul Avery from New Zealand. New Zealand also won the team event, and the traditional blade-shears World Champion is Ziewilelle Hans from South Africa. A record 29 countries competed at the 2008 event. The next World Championship will be held at the Royal Welsh Show, Llanelwedd, Wales in July, 2010. As of 2010

World Shearing Championships results are World Blade Shearing has been dominated by South African and Lesotho shearers, Fine Wool machine shearing dominated by Australian shearers, and New Zealand dominating the Strong Wool machine shearing.

Source: Wikipedia (Sheep Shearing)

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