Our Objectives

  1. To promote shearing and woolhandling as a professionally recognised career choice.
  2. To provide leadership and direction in establishing and maintaining professional standards of shearing and woolhandling.
  3. To increase community awareness of the contribution of shearing and woolhandling to the Queensland sheep and wool industry and the Queensland economy.
  4. To manage and conduct a series of competitive events throughout Queensland attracting participation by shearers and woolhandlers at every level of skill and proficiency.
  5. To conduct competitions that provide competitors with the opportunity to achieve national and international team selection.
  6. To maintain and promote a skill and competition based system of ranking for individual shearers and woolhandlers.
  7. To attract and grow support for shearing competitions from all sectors of the sheep and wool industry and from other Business, Government and Community sectors.
  8. To form a large and proactive membership base for the Association.
  9. To manage direct and cooperative funding and resources to best implement strategies for development, promotion and marketing of shearing and woolhandling services, competition and activities.
  10. To preserve and celebrate the heritage and skills of shearers and woolhandlers in Queensland and to recognise the contribution of individuals to the shearing and woolhandling industry.